2 thoughts on “Bash script to execute wp-cron.php on WordPress multsite”

  1. Thanks for posting this script. Was wondering what prompted you to move wp cron to a more controlled scenario? A hunch, access_log examination or otherwise?

    In my case, our MU traffic bursts and subsequent CPU and I/O load chokepoints somehow coincided almost exactly with the ?doing_wp_cron pattern. In some cases, multiple concurrent cron tasks shot off at once.

    Not 100% damning, but pretty close.

    1. Totally, my pleasure. I haven’t implemented yet so I’d be interested to know whether it solves your problem.

      I can’t remember how exactly I diagnosed it last September, but we were having load/memory usage problems and I realized it was WP cron after doing a bit of research. I tried enabling it again a week or so only to have load go up 10x to 50x. Like you said, pretty damning.

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