Today’s flight along the coast

Today’s flight along the coast was my first solo cross-country. Originating from Twin Oaks Airpark, I flew a Cessna 150, N66589, towards McMinnville and then onward to the coast. It took me to 1.1 hours to get to Newport where I landed, hung out for a little bit, filed a new flight plan, and then returned home in 1.0 hours.

Like I mentioned on Twitter earlier, there’s a really sweet app for the iPad called ForeFlight that allows me to plan my route, look up weather along the way, and file my flight plan. Here’s what it looked like for the flight down there.

7S3 to ONP

Without an iPad, producing the flight plan takes about 10x longer than with. Such is the real-world value of technology. Of course, I have to do it the pen and paper way first because I’m “learning.”

Totally awesome…

Author: Daniel Bachhuber

Proud father x2. Principal, Hand Built. Maintainer, WP-CLI.

4 thoughts on “Today’s flight along the coast”

  1. Congrats on your first solo cross country! When are you doing your long one or have you already? Beautiful flying up there, I’m a little jealous, okay, very jealous!

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