The phone dilemma

I have a two year-old iPhone 4 I need to upgrade.

The iPhone 5 is out of the picture because of the different form factor. My Mophie won’t work with it, and there aren’t any cases for it yet.

This morning, I went into both an AT&T store and an Apple store. Apparently the only iPhone 4S I can purchase is the 16GB. This would be a significant downgrade from the 32GB model that I’m currently using 26GB of. Furthermore, because I’m using my mom’s upgrade, buying a new iPhone at the Apple store would mean that my mom’s line would be deactivated until I ran over to the AT&T store to reactivate it.

I’m taking this as a sign I should finally make the switch to Android. What should I get instead?

Author: Daniel Bachhuber

Proud father x2. Principal, Hand Built. Maintainer, WP-CLI.

22 thoughts on “The phone dilemma”

  1. I’ve got a Galaxy Nexus and it’s pretty good. Battery life is probably going to be disappointing next to the iPhone 4S, but otherwise it’s a solid performer. Also, since it’s the “google phone”, it’s most likely to get Android updates quickest, running the least amount of manufacturer’s shitty chrome.

      1. Depends on how you use it. With moderate use it’ll easily last a 12 hr day. At, eg, a WordCamp, where you use it nonstop from 8am to midnight, it’ll probably only last half the day.

  2. Ha, nice. I’m making the opposite jump to an iPhone after a couple years on a Droid Incredible.

    Android (Jelly Bean) is really nice. The problem for me is the hardware. It’s gargantuan now on the Android side with 4.5″+ displays routine and in a lot of cases lacking in craftmanship. None of the Android phones match the iPhone cameras either which is a big deal for me.

    The clear market leader at the moment is the Galaxy SIII. If I personally had to pick up an Android phone right now, I’d be taking a hard look at the Droid Incredible 4G as the form factor is the closest to something reasonable and the build quality should be good if previous HTC phones are any indication.

    One other idea to throw at you would be the impending Lumia 920. I played around in a store with the previous rev (Lumia 900) and I felt like the form factor was again too big, but the hype is saying the 920 will be a winner and the aesthetics of the design and camera did catch my eye for a bit.

  3. I have the GALAXY S III. Love it! Battery varies based on how much I use it, but 80% of the time I get through the entire day. I keep a charger hooked up in my car and throw it on there when I am between locations for some extra juice.

    1. Thanks Hew, didn’t know about those sites. I usually keep an eye on XDA and Android Police.

      Oh, Daniel – my next phone will be the Galaxy S3, but there are always better phones coming out so buy whatever you can afford and suits your budget.

      Generally, searching for phone X vs phone Y will bring you to a site comparing the two 🙂

      1. XDA is terrific. 🙂 I’m not able to keep up with much there due to time being in short supply, but it’s such a great community.

  4. If you’re avoiding the iPhone 5 because of the different form factor, but willing to switch to Android (which is a different form factor), might as well get the iPhone 5. 😉

    From what I have heard from those who use it, the iPhone 5 has much improved battery life. Even the iPhone 4S was better than the iPhone 4.

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