New plugin: Document Feedback

Document Feedback is a new WordPress plugin to close the loop between documentation writers and readers.

By default, it appends a simple prompt to the bottom of every Page:

Document Feedback prompt

If a reader responds to the prompt, they’re given a follow-up question to clarify their response. Readers must be logged in for the prompt to show up.

Comments are emailed to the post author and summarized in a post meta box:

Tech@CUNYJ documentation cited in

Many thanks to Mario Peshev for his random hacks of kindness. I started this plugin a year ago and left it half-finished on Github. Then Mario comes along, submits a couple very substantial pull requests, and kicks me in the pants to release it.

Join the fun on Github or use the forums for questions / bug reports. This plugin is already live for the VIP documentation portal, and is available for use by VIP and Enterprise clients.

Author: Daniel Bachhuber

Proud father x2. Principal, Hand Built. Maintainer, WP-CLI.

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